Do you want to get married very much?

It is believed that marriages are concluded only because this is what women want very much. If one of them suddenly declares publicly that she does not want to get married — few will believe her. And he will do it right! According to statistics, only about four percent of Russians do not really want to get married. The overwhelming majority of our women really dream of marriage, but not all are ready to admit this. Why are women married unbearably? 1. Every person, regardless of gender, is afraid of the prospect of loneliness. Parents are not eternal, and brothers-sisters can scatter wherever. Who will stay close? That’s right — the husband. It is the fear of loneliness — conscious or subconscious — that forces people to go to the registry office. 2. We are all under the control of certain stereotypes. The girl knows from the very childhood that every princess must necessarily be at her own wedding. Stereotype pushes a woman in search of a potential groom. 3. Most people do not want to be white crows. This is difficult and sometimes unpleasant.

It’s much easier to be like everyone else. All the girlfriends got married? Classmates have long been ringing? How can you confess to them at a meeting that not only the husband, but even the groom is not available? No, no, it’s better to jump out faster than to be married! 4. Most women want to find a male defender, for which they will feel like behind a stone wall. Many women want to get married in order to acquire a reliable shoulder, which you can always lean on under any circumstances. As you know, in marriage, grief is divided into two, and happiness is multiplied by two. This is exactly what women dream of wishing to marry. 5. There is a good, already bearded anecdote: his wife, stirring the brew with one hand, and the other — rocking the child, holding the tube between the ear and shoulder, is talking with a friend.

Trying to outshout the heavy rock pouring from the speakers in the room of the eldest son, and trying not to remember the drunken husband sleeping on the couch, she says to a lonely girlfriend, who conveniently settled herself at home on the couch: «How do I think that you are there alone, without a husband and Children, just want to cry because of pity for you! «. Yes, it is our custom to be sorry for singles. And let this single person live much better than a married wife, but society does not want to believe in it. Parents are ashamed of their daughter, seated in the girls, her friends sympathize with her, strangers are always genuinely surprised to learn that she is thirty, and she is still unmarried. Being under constant pressure of society, a woman begins to desire marriage as manna from heaven. Little by little, an inscription appears on her forehead: «I want to marry!», Even if only recently, she did not think about marriage. Do you want someone to be considered a failure? But to a single woman in our society is often treated as a failure.

Willy-nilly you want to marry! 6. Women begin to want to get married when the maternal instinct awakens in them. A woman suddenly realizes that she wants to become a mother most of all. Before her is the choice — to be a single mother or to get married and have a child in a marriage. To single mothers, we are treated no better than to single children without children, so most women choose the second option — to get married and become a mother while in a legal marriage. 7. Many ladies dream of getting married according to the calculation — to find yourself a rich, successful husband and live like a devil in your bosom. About love in such cases, and there is no question. On the forehead of such «predators» is written not just «I want to marry!», But «I want to marry an oligarch!». In this desire of the woman there is nothing criminal: psychologists say that a woman is never alone — with her there are always next her future children. Trying to find a profitable bridegroom, a woman thinks not only about herself, but mostly about future children. As the same psychologists say, marriages, concluded by calculation, are the strongest. 8. There are many reasons why a woman wants to marry, but the main reason is love. A woman wants to marry a loved one in order to really live with him long and happily and die in one day.

If a loved one does not exist, a woman dreams that he will appear on her life horizon and will call her to marry. Of course, you can love without getting married, but women are such strange creatures who, having fallen in love with a person, immediately become fired by the desire to wash his socks and prepare him three-course lunches. It is for these eight reasons that women most often start dreaming of marriage. However, there is one more — the ninth reason, not the most important, but very weighty: almost all women want to feel themselves in the role of the bride. Put on a white, stunningly beautiful dress, pick up a bridal bouquet, ride a white limousine and feel the happiest in the world! Is it possible to deny a woman this desire?