Marriage After 30: Pros and Cons

In the countries of the former USSR, it is considered that if a girl has not married before the age of 30, it means that she no longer needs anyone and she no longer hopes for anything. Those. She has only one thing — to remain an old maid. For a lonely Balzacian woman, everyone experiences everything — from relatives, to colleagues at work. They closely follow her personal life, at times giving advice, or periodically asking questions: «Is it time to get married, but is it already getting old?» And finally, that moment arrived! You met the man of your dreams and marry after 30. Our congratulations! But it should be remembered that later marriage has its difficulties. Married after 30 — minus The circle of communication, with age, narrows.

Therefore, if you are not a fan of an active lifestyle, then you are surrounded by colleagues at work and a few friends. This means that the search for a chosen one has certain difficulties. Moreover, the sympathetic views and remarks of relatives force a woman to perceive every man as a potential partner, and thereby to give out her great desire to get married sooner. Which also complicates the search. Let’s imagine that relatives do not exert any pressure on you, and you have a rich life, therefore, you do not experience a lack of men. And now you are married! But it’s too early to relax, because different «difficulties» of family life await you. You are an accomplished person, you have your own habits, rules, principles and your way of life.

You have to change something and adjust to a partner, are you ready for this? Each of you has got used to live independently and for yourself, and now you two. Are you ready to put up with the shortcomings of your partner? Do you have enough wisdom and patience to close your eyes and take your loved one as he is? Another disadvantage of late marriage is the age difference between you and your future children. Consequently, the conflict of fathers and children is possible. If you want to have children, it will be a late child. Therefore, you will have to hurry and give birth in the first year of marriage. Perhaps, on this, the main disadvantages of a late marriage end. Married after 30 — pluses If you do not focus on the disadvantages of a late marriage, then you can highlight the following advantages. In middle age, marriages are made consciously.

In these marriages, feelings do not come to the fore, but calculation: you know exactly what to expect from a marriage and from this person. If you know how not to pay attention to the shortcomings of each other, you know how to compromise, then you can avoid the difficulties of living together. You can negotiate with each other. You will not be nervous, and argue over trifles. You will respect each other. According to statistics, it is for these reasons that marriages after 30 rarely break up. At the age of 30 and over, a modern person usually has a stable position in life, he has a career, an apartment, a car, a position in society.

At one time, you did not need to be distracted by novels or engaged in raising children, to achieve your goals, and all that you now have. And now you can afford to rest from a grueling race for success, devote yourself to family life, give birth to a child who will no longer need, in anything. And if this marriage is unsuccessful, then you will not need to start everything from scratch, you already have an apartment and a stable job. You can be calm for your husband. In your youth, both of you have already «walked up», experienced a storm of emotions, have experienced much in life and are ready for family life. Your chosen one will not risk what he has for the sake of an easy romance on the side. It is generally accepted that there is no problem with adult life. This is due to the presence of experience, skill and desire to enjoy not only itself, but also to deliver it to your partner. As a result, late marriage after 30 turns out very attractive: you have achieved a certain status in society, successfully married and gave birth to a child … If you are still unmarried, I will give below some of the misconceptions that loved ones and friends like to scare you. The difficulties of marriage after 30 1. If you are already 30, and you are still lonely, then the problem is in you.

If the man you have chosen is already 30 and he is also one — be careful, look for a dirty trick (probably he is divorced, or has illegitimate children, or mamma’s son, etc.). Be able to give a worthy rebuff: you did not get married before, Because they were engaged in a career and their future. A man did not marry before, everything was just waiting for you, because you are such an ideal couple! 2. The older, the less chance to arrange a personal life. But this is not your opinion? You think differently, right? You are educated, intelligent, well read and very interesting personality, leading a full life, meet with many people, attractive, constantly watch your appearance. True? Therefore, you have fans, and you will make your choice when you see fit! 3. After 30 and older, to give birth to a healthy child is almost impossible.