Not Dependent Women

In principle, in the modern world, a myriad of stereotypes break down. I think the main reason is technical education, which allows a woman to earn a living by her mind. And since the reason for the ladies is often much more lively and more practical than the male, now the business lady can easily cope with business, family, other social problems. And they do not really need a man today.

The tassel over the strong shoulder of a man is determined by the centuries of the patriarchal system. A couple of generations and the next ladies following us will be much more serene looking at the lack of a permanent man in their lives. Perhaps, under the condition of the following development of the society on earth in the perspective of growth of well-being. In Africa, while the bulk of women without strong male hands can not live — there will be nothing. I think that in the countries of the Middle East, women will not be liberated soon and will not be able to depend on the husbands of tyrants. After all, as is known, in Arab countries a woman does not have the right to argue with a man and contradict him. Such upbringing among women has been vaccinated from century to century. Change the thinking of the women of the east, will not be so easy.

In spite of this, there are women in the Arab countries who try to express their opinions and protest against what is happening. In the Western countries, on the contrary, women received a lot of freedom and do not depend on men in particular. Women in Western countries, participate in all life processes of states where they live. Let’s hope that in the near future, all women will become independent. True, I think that women will still want their men next to them. For centuries, men were side by side with women and were their protectors and breadwinners.