Relationships In The Family Or How to Live Long and Happy Life

It is important for a close and strong family to have a rest together! Rest, by and large, is not only a trip to a picnic outside the city or to a foreign resort. It is also a cozy house, where the second half and children are waiting, where friends go, where you can relax your soul. Such a house without a strong family or without a loved one will be incomplete. It is necessary to approach seriously the construction of family relations. And one of the main aspects of marriage is sexual. How in the marriage life does not lose interest in each other? How to make a sexy life bright? Separate rest of spouses and holiday romances strengthen marriage? In our society, any novels on the side, not only resorts, are not accepted by moral and ethical standards. And such «trips to the left» can lead to undesirable consequences — psychological disorders, since any novel is a stress.

This stress, as well as thoughts about the threat of infection with various sexually transmitted diseases, can lead to anxiety, insecurity and other psychological problems. As a consequence — various disorders, including a violation of potency. Often, such uncertainty leads to a weakening of the sexual function of a man, affects both the quality of the sexual life of the spouses and the quantitative factor, and as a result, the most terrible consequence of such situations is the disintegration of the family. And in this case, not only the hygiene of marital relations, the psychological help of specialists, but also the medication support of «uncertainty» is important. These drugs include the most common drugs sildenafil.

But from the point of view of sexopathology, the novels on the side not only do not strengthen the marriage, but lead to its destruction. It is necessary to clarify: the couple who have normal relations will fail. Where the relationship is bad, then there is nothing to destroy. And if the couple wants to strengthen the family, then rest, of course, better together! It’s no secret that couples with a long history of family life have a somewhat tarnished sexual relationship. How can this relationship be «renewed»? Or how do the spouses keep interest in each other? Given the current rhythms, and the fact that life has become commercialized, family relations have become increasingly complicated. As you know, love-passion lasts a certain time, and then the relationship goes to other stages. And if, indeed, there was love, then it turns into a strong family bond, where the spouses pursue common goals: giving birth to children, putting them on their feet, etc.

And having reached a certain age, have some occupation, work. But, of course, in our time much has changed: there are families where a woman earns more than a man. Thus, the established model of family relations is violated: «the man is the getter, the woman is the keeper of the hearth.» And not only such a problem can arise, there are other difficulties. As a rule, after forty a man’s sexual activity decreases, potency decreases, a woman, on the contrary, increases. On this ground, problems can arise: a man can no longer meet the requirements that the spouse puts forward. In such cases, the woman begins to wonder: why did the husband become passive? Maybe she does not? Maybe he has someone? And here there are many problems not only in family relations, but also with health. These problems are particularly relevant for older men, when the production of male sex hormones is declining. Here, drug therapy is needed: either improving metabolism in the body of a man, or improving sexual function. A man does not need to be afraid to admit his half that he is taking medications.

Problems, one way or another, need to be solved together. And if some misunderstandings begin to arise, it is better to immediately try to eliminate them, than to bring the relationship to destruction. What pushes a man to extramarital affairs, especially after 40 years? Much. Not always a good relationship with his wife. Stereotype behavior of the wife in bed. The addiction also plays its role. And one more thing that in our society is almost the norm: wives like to «saw» men. Begin a quarrel. When the spouses are not well in sexual life, a man tries not to solve the problem, but to get away from it: who is into the work, who is in the hobby, and who is «on the side.» In the power of women to maintain a strong family. After all, the age of 40-50 years is the most beautiful sexual age: there are strengths, and experience, and desire! Do not forget that the more active women in bed, the stronger the erection of a man, the longer the sexual intercourse, the orgasmic sensations are more colorful and deeper. Imagine the situation. The couple have a good relationship. But there is one, let’s say, non-negotiation: the spouse likes to have sex in the morning, and his other half does not take it very much. Is it worth on such a «petty» question to apply to a specialist sex therapist? In sexopathology there are no small issues. Everything is important for normal sexual relations. And it is better to turn to a specialist with such, even a «shallow» question, as it seems to you, than accumulate problems that can grow like a snowball. His family life needs to be built with the mind!