Strong Sleep Pledge of Health

To properly develop the baby needs a healthy sleep. More recently, young parents have looked at all kinds of lovely and comfortable baby cribs to choose the best. When suddenly a child was falling asleep, problems appeared. Many babies do not want to go to bed in the allotted time, delay until the last. Tricks are used, or simply uncovered capriciousness. How to avoid «performances» at a cot? The usual routine is akin to a ritual. Children should be put in bed to sleep opportunities at one time, then a habit is developed. Dinner, brushing your teeth, dad or mother reads a fairy tale.

Then the light turns off and this is the time of sleep. It’s important not to break the chain, and your little fidgue will get used to. Kids only learn to understand time. Dads and moms can always be cautious to remind you that it’s time to get into the crib. Give the baby some time to finish his activities. To fit into a crib is not good for the distressed. Cots should be reliable and comfortable for a good sleep, this is the rule. Also, the process of going to sleep should be cozy or simply pleasant. Perhaps interesting games will come to help, for example, when brushing your teeth on the way to the crib. Children are quite energetic and at the time of sleep can not feel drowsiness and even fatigue. Rite as not cool to observe.

I need to lure him into the crib. Let him still refuses to sleep, then offer to read pictures in the book or play toys. As a rule, after a few minutes many babies themselves fall asleep. A sense of independence will reassure them, and it is important for young mothers that the child lay down in bed. The feeling of independence, by the way, is very important for children at a certain stage. They should be given a choice. Moms have the opportunity to use this as a solution to «bedside» problems. Let the baby choose from 2 tubes of toothpastes or a pair of brushes. Then let him say for himself, a fairy tale for the night. Children, therefore, will feel their independence, and moms and dads will contribute to the preservation of the established order.

For the approaching time of sleep, it is necessary to organize conditions, or, if you like, mood. This means no playfulness and active games and calm affairs and lack of noise before you go to bed. Try to see the children’s program, finish the coloring book, and so on. Activity before bed should go downward. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. The karapuz can get sick or you stay with him on a visit. It’s just that it should not become a habit with a youngster. Naturally, the parent example is the most important for children. Observe the observance of the established regime of the day, and then your requirements for a child’s night sleep will be easier to fulfill.